These are a list of fanmade Rocko's Modern Life Fanon episodes. A total of 91 episodes were produced spanning 4 seasons.

Season 1Edit

  1. The Scoundrel/The Rat In The Flat
  2. Untamed Wilds/Bev Invents a Screaming Machine
  3. Haunted Office/Spunky Eats His Own Teeth
  4. Big Fat Yellow House/Filburt's Fangs
  5. Bigger Babier/Dogs Are Marsupials Too
  6. Heffer's Modern Life/Help!
  7. The Scoundrel/Ricky the Wallaby
  8. Get Hangin/Slim Steer
  9. Slop Salesmen/Rocko's Sickness
  10. West We Go/Once Upon a Rocko
  11. Send My Regards to Hollywood
  12. Green Ways/The Name Game
  13. The Bighead Next Door/Rocko's Vacation
  14. The Wrong Wallaby/The Steer That Knew Too Much
  15. Rocko In Space/MacHeff
  16. As Good as Gold?/Beast of Burden
  17. Let's Go All the Way/Out In the Open
  18. The Legend of Rocko: Twighlight Walley
  19. My Gigantic Sunburned Austrailian Wedding (1)
  20. My Gigantic Sunburned Austrailian Wedding (2)
  21. My Gigantic Sunburned Austrailian Wedding (3)
  22. Dental Hyjinks/This Is A Test!
  23. Intestinal Turmoil/Who Invited You?
  24. Eat This! It's Good For You!
  25. Remote Controlled/Beaten by a Club
  26. Earl & Water Don't Mix/Spunky's Kinda Funky

Season 2Edit

  1. Bug Out!/Lice on the Loose
  2. Conned Again/Bev's Beauty Tips/I'll Never Go Camping Again
  3. Heffer Gets The Nostril Nuggets/
  4. Homeless/Robo Roc
  5. Way Too Rocko/CPRU
  6. Conglom-o Cares/Babies R A Bundle
  7. Hang In There Rocko/Marooned
  8. Peachy Prize/Mad House
  9. The Good Old Days/The Biggest Loserer
  10. Ren and Stimpy's Modern Life Crossover
  11. SpongeBob's Modern Life Crossover
  12. Dingo Returns/The Fist Bump Of Doom
  13. Filburt The Squirm/Trainiacs

Season 3Edit

  1. Bloaty and Squirmy: In "Big Fat Problemo"
  2. Magdalane/The Fatheads meet Wacky Deli
  3. Ralph Bigheads Traffic Trouble/Part-Time Cob
  4. The return of Pinky the Appendix/Brotherless
  5. Mothers Way/Filbs Space Trip
  6. The Magic Brush called Shrinky Dink/Smitty's Xmas
  7. Gimmie a HAND!/The good old Days 2
  8. Rocko's New Nose/George Is Old
  9. Heffer On TV/Spy Kicks Part 1:Rabbit Ears

Season 4Edit

  1. Cloned/Bev's new Computer
  2. The origin of Captain Compost Heap
  3. Really Really Big Girl/Rocko By Baby
  4. wild Pig Peril/Turtle Soup
  5. Melba Roast/Girls Night
  6. Heffer Gets Ditched/Spy Kicks Part 2:Mr. Beef
  7. Camp Rocko/Spy Kicks Part 3:Turtle Dove
  8. Goodbye Rocko? (1) (series finale)
  9. Goodbye Rocko? (2) (series finale)